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Rohrer & Klingner R&K 復古蟲膠墨水 沾水筆可用

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與粘合劑的化學區別在於29 700型。繪圖墨水包含蟲膠,而書法墨水包含純丙烯酸酯。

The three tints, black, sepia and bistre which we sell under the name Drawing ink, have a long history. They are pigmented inks which can be thinned with distilled water and are waterproof and eraser-proof when dry. Thus they are suitable for area coverage, washing techniques and for applying lines. Light and dark effects can be easily achieved.

The inks flow extremely well from different kinds of drawing utensils. They are not only useful for fine calligraphy work and pen drawings but also for liftground etching and picture drawings.

The chemical difference to Calligraphy ink, type 29 700, is the bonding agent. Drawing ink contains a shellac, whilst Calligraphy ing ink contains pure acrylates.

Our Sepia Drawing ink, which matches the organic sepia tint of squid secretion, and Bistre Drawing ink are transparent inks. They are to a large extent light resistant.

In order to achieve deep black strokes which cover well, we especially recommend the Black Drawing ink. A special gas soot is used here.

Inks should be shaken before using. The Sepia and Bistre inks only need to be shaken lightly. The black Indian ink needs to be stirred after sitting for a long period of time in order to avoid foam build-up.

The drawing medium (the paper) needs no special preparation before applying the inks.

Gold and Silver Drawing inks are water-based liquid bronze and Iriodin® tints to be used for decoration purposes and for calligraphy.

For visual and technical reasons, a bronze pigment (copper alloy) is used for the gold colour and a coated mica pigment is used for the silver.

The inks are ready-to-use and can be thinned with water. They can be applied with a brush, feather, drawing pen or air brush (nozzle-∅: 0.5-0.8 mm) on paper, cardboard and wood. Porous media should first be primed with a common primer – e.g. an emulsion gesso – before applying gold or silver. Other media such as fabric, metal or glass should be tested for adhesiveness and moistening before application.